Step by Step Guide: How to sell with Closet2closetke

STEP 1: Declutter and Grade

Go through your closet with the aim of grading your clothing items according to these 3 categories:

Grade A Plus*:

  • You love this item
  • This item is very functional/occasional for you
  • You wear this item very often
  • This item is still in very good condition

Grade A:

  • You rarely wear this item
  • This item is still in very good condition
  • This item is new but does not fit you correctly
  • This item no longer fits your personal style

Grade B:

  • This item is not in good quality (faded in colour, torn, missing buttons, spoilt zippers, etc)
  • You forgot you even own this item
  • You would never buy this item in its current state for yourself or anyone you love

Once graded, keep the Grade A Plus* in your closet and continue to enjoy wearing them.

Grade A items are currently not serving your fashion needs, but they are still good enough to be loved by someone else..Fill in the business form below to initiate the selling process with us at Closet2closetke.

Grade B items have clearly outlived their wearable lifecycle. Look for avenues to send them out to be recycled/repurposed.

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STEP 2: Drop Off

Schedule a drop off date via the link below, to book a slot when one of our representatives will receive your clothing items’ delivery.

Once we receive the items, we will immediately sort them and perform an audit to determine the quality, and proceed to accept only the items which satisfy our quality standards.


STEP 3: Sit back & get paid

The accepted high quality clothing items will then be styled, photographed and marketed on our website and social media platforms, for sale.

Sales are consolidated every end of the month, and payment is sent to clothes’ owners via mpesa by 5th of every new month.

*We charge a 40% commission on every sale to cater for the below costs:

  • Ads payments
  • Outsourced photography
  • Website maintenance
  • Human resource needed to execute each step of the process
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