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A long time ago..ok it feels like a long time ago, but it’s only been 2 years – so 2 years ago, I (Eva) gave birth to my daughter. I won’t even dive into how much of a blessing that has been, because I’m already super emotional right now as I count down to her 2nd birthday. But yeah, many of you know (or can imagine) how much your body changes after giving birth to a child – at least the first few months after. Your boobs are bursting with milk, your body is swollen with water (is it water docs?), your waist is thicker, it’s just a lot..and it wasn’t any different for me. So fast forward to the last moments of my maternity leave, I’m on panic mode! Nothing fits!

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Obviously, I did the ‘sensible’ thing by going crazy with Instagram shopping..lol. New wrap tops, new high waist pants, new official dresses, new everything! What else was I supposed to do? What would YOU do? Stuff yourself into pants that you can’t zip up? Never!

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The result? Daily morning workout session of pushing clothes from one side of my closet to the other just to find something to wear, which I did for months! This is not how I had pictured my journey towards Michelle Obama toned arms to be..nope. The truth was I had too many clothes in my closet (gasp!) and not all of them could fit me..so why did I have them? Sell them!

So on 6th August 2020, I created a new page on Instagram (@closet2closetke_store), took pictures of the clothes that were in good condition and posted, ran one ad and sold out of my batch by the next day – then sold out my sisters’ clothes, then a friend’s and a friend’s friend until we started reselling strangers’ clothes. 


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And here we are, 1 year later, with my sister and partner – Helen Kitheka and her OUTSTANDING organization skills leading the business operations, and SUPER-STYLISH Mary Kimani building our presence on social media, as we resell one closet at a time – for your profit 😉

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Welcome to our (online) space!